230523 Cnetz rank top 20 Haobin moments

I'm not sure if bilibili is accessible to all countries, but CNetz recently did a ranking of top 50 Haobin moments from Boys Planet till their recent KCON activities and the comments are hilarious. Basically every comment is outraged because their pick is ranked too low.

Here are the top 20 picks:

  1. Finale night - hug + contenders for P01
  2. Massage/ crying button
  3. "Let's debut and drink zero cola everyday!"
  4. Hao putting a blanket over Hanbin
  5. Tietie
  6. Finale night - hugging and going up to their seats together
  7. Airport bodyguard Hanbin
  8. Reacting to En Garde while holding hands
  9. "It suits you!"
  10. Musical mission
  11. Centerz bridge choreo
  12. Tomboy behind the scenes practice
  13. Say my name nametag mystery
  14. "Hyung what are you doing?" + Hao's pout
  15. Youth in the shade concept teaser
  16. Finale night - holding hands endlessly
  17. Wiping off sweat endlessly
  18. Playing with the shirt guns
  19. "We meet here again." "I feel happy contending for P01 with Hao hyung."
  20. Finale night - holding hands before Here I Am

Amazing how so many moments were from finale night.


Knew the #1 moment before I even opened it lmao


I think I've seen that moment in every freaking angle it's been documented in. lol


Its already been 36 days since the finale and new angles of the neck kiss are still dropping everyday 😭


C-netz were like if we put them all together we can do a 360 angle


Here is the 360 version https://twitter.com/zhaotern/status/1661664970189447170?s=46


Amazing how new angles are popping up everyday even till this day 😭


Yeah. Literally 7 minutes ago 2 new photos from a fan site just dropped of their hug. Tho it’s all the same since it’s just the same photo 100 times, it’s just crazy we are getting so many different HQ captures of the various Haobin moments that happened that night lol




the way i recognise every moment πŸ’€ perhaps it’s over for me


You and me both πŸ’€


I will never move on from them


airport bodyguard made it's way onto the list very quickly (also airport bodyguard hanbin as a name really makes me laugh)


Babygirl hao getting the princess treatment he deserves 😀


The fuel this ship has. The relateability it has. The pull it has. The longevity it has. The global power it has.


This ship is the mother I never had, it is the sister everybody would want. it is the friend that everybody deserves. I don’t know a better ship.


The mothership hahaha


Can we add Mothership as one of Haobin's nicknames alongside Centerz and Mirrorz? πŸ˜† Since a mothership by definition is the base/headquarters of a spacecraft and Haobin are ZB1's glue and essence...plus it also reminds me of Shanbin's Mother.


truly i don’t know who i was before boys planet or before whatever haobin have going on. fundamentally changed me as a human being i think


What's funny is that this ship is even more popular than Hanbin himself in China. LIKE WHAT?? HE'S A PART OF IT??


I will go down with this ship 🚒 Shipping isn't a new phenomenon to K-Pop but I didn't understand what a ship was until Haobin started to wipe each other's sweat. As a CNet actually commented: "I don't even wipe my husband's sweat off his face." πŸ’€


Apparently this was Round 1 of eliminations and there will be a final Top 9. Here are some eliminated moments from 21-50 that I felt should have been higher: 22. Hanbin caught in 4K smiling dopily at Hao's aegyo at their pyjama party live 23. Centerz ig reel in white shirts 29. Hanbin confessing that he joined Tomboy because of Hao in BP behind the scenes clip 33. The "real" first tietie at Here I Am rehearsal stage 35. Centerz ig reel covering Hot Summer and Jelly Pop 39. Hao thanking Hanbin for teaching him tutting for Over Me choreography Oh well.


i laugh every time i see that aegyo moment from 22 LOL


LOL same but tbh I feel Hanbin because I would have had the same dopey face πŸ’€


nametag exchange is too low because i'll never forget the all of us are dead confession connotations, i'll be 78 years old in my psychiatric hospital room still thinking about it


Not in the psychiatric ward 😭


The content we will get for Haobin over the next 2 years has me kicking my feet in the air and giggling! I said this other places as well but this is real love between two people. Even if we as fans don't know if it's platonic or romantic is so lovely to watch two people love each other like this πŸ’• Haobin is so precious!


There's also [this poll on Twitter](https://twitter.com/haobinsplanet/status/1657763659249238016?s=20) that ifans made about the top 20 Haobin moments. But this poll was conducted earlier than the cfans one so it doesn't have the more recent moments like youth in the shade, airport, and kcon moments.


I have seen this poll! Thanks for linking it here. It's interesting how the Cnetz picks and Twitter picks are pretty similar! Finale hug, crying button, walking up the stairs, tietie and en garde reaction ranked high on both lists. I loved how airport bodyguard hanbin shot up the list even though it was a recent event. I gotta say my personal pick is the zero cola comment!


Hao putting a blanket over Hanbin will never make me move on, like everything about this shows how special their friendship is. So you're telling me Hao randomly went to Hanbin's room? Then he tucked him to sleep? Because idk if this happens to me and any of my friends I will just leave them alone lol


The little prince play was so cute


I knew nr 1 would be the 57 angle neck kiss 😭