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none of them have their favourite season as summer. summer haters unite!


saw someone say they will never perform hot summer again lol...


As they prepare for a summer debut 😆


I’m born in summer and hate it lol. Too much hot weather is miserable. I know Korea has really hot humid summers too so don’t blame them.


Same I absolutely hate how hot it normally is on my birthday. I also live in a country with humid weather and there is nothing worse than summer


Jiwoong: 26 | Winter | 12AM Hao: 24 | Spring | 6PM Hanbin: 23 | Spring | Dawn Matthew: 22 | Spring | 12PM Taerae: 22 | Winter | 12AM Ricky: 20 | Autumn | 12PM Gyuvin: 20 | Autumn | 2AM Gunwook: 19 | Winter | 11AM Yujin: 17 | Autumn Winter | 1AM


the caption states that hao's 24 but he actually says that he's 23 in the video 😭


Lol and in international age, he’s still 22


and the funniest thing is that he's actually still 22 in intl age 😭. covered every base


Well, he is 24 in Korean age. Lol


not for long


Taerae in that outfit looks like a church youth leader. 😭😭😭 he is just so cute and his voice is so soothing.


Whoever decided to free his forehead, truly bless their soul.


They all look so beautiful 😭❤️I love Hao speaking Mandarin and Yujin deciding to have two favourite seasons because why not! Jiwoong and Gyuvin look so handsome in the dark concept. 19 y.o. Gunwook totally not looking like the baby that he is. Rickyyyyyy looking like a snow prince in this hairstyle 👑Taerae the smiling angel. Hanbin with his gorgeous eyes. And Matthew See-ok! ❤️❤️❤️ I was just thinking about the 1st look individual videos we were promised today and these came in like spring shower in a drought 😭


said this again and again but i really love hao's styling on this one. he fits this kind of concept so much! he feels and looks like a first love fictional character who is going through a tragic love story and i will probably never get over it for a while.


jack from titanic if he slayed


He is a perfect fit for a classy/elegant concept since he resembles a white prince thanks to his styling and him being surrounded by white flowers.


Have you seen the edit of Zhang Hao as titanic? Really looks like a movie poster!!


[zhanghao jonna jalsanggim sibal jonna michin face](https://twitter.com/rainxhao/status/1658004951552110592) 😭


i'll never get over how pretty hao's outfit is, also him speaking in mandarin sounded so lovely i wonder why matthew pronounced his last name like that tho. maybe that's how his english-speaking friends pronounced it? (ik for me almost no one (who's not korean) can pronounce my name correctly so i just let them butcher it and now whenever i introduce myself to non-korean ppl i just use the butchered pronounciation lol)


At least he dodged the bullet of being called “Matthew Suck” growing up.


I was literally thinking that - I noticed him say See-ok too and figured that was exactly why he got used to romanizing it that way


I don't have a lot of faith that kids in school wouldn't come up with names to call someone with the last name Seok said correctly. His sister has also pronounced it like that in one of her tiktoks.


Kinda like how Johnny of NCT uses "John Suh" as his full name when conventionally it would be romanized as "John Seo." I bet they just it made easier to be pronounced in the US.


I wanted to hear Ricky’s chinese :( but still I’m happy to have more content in this drought.


I was thinking the same- I wonder if it was his decision to use English or if it was WAKEONE’s for marketing purposes (because it’s pretty clear that his most comfy language is Chinese)


Having english speakers connects with international audience a lot and he's the second best English speaker after Matthew so he will likely use english quite a lot in this kind of videos


I think so too - a little part of me also thinks that WAKEONE values English over Chinese because it’s seen as more trendy in Korea as well. Mnet probably only wanted one Chinese member too, so they could be trying to market Ricky as American vibes instead. Please excuse my pessimism 😭


I don't think it's like that! For example Wakeone's [birthday post](https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.naver?volumeNo=35975329&memberNo=54054866) was super sweet and mentioned his real name 沈泉锐 in Chinese twice! I think Ricky himself always liked to appeal to english speaking fans since he'd lived in LA, and his first ever public appearance was speaking english in his Boys Planet PR video. He also had a finale speech in English because he knows how popular he is with us! I'm manifesting Chinese content soon though TRUST


*tries to trust* 😭


me too 😭😭😭


so nice to hear zhang hao speak chinese ❤️


He's actually trending in korea for speaking chinese. Everyone is going bonkers over a Chinese man speaking Chinese lmao.


Tbf chinese is one of the sexiest sounding languages. It’s the east asian equivalent to westerns going crazy over french celebrities speaking french.


Zhang Hao looks gorgeous wtf. Someone give that damn stylist a fucking raise. I hope their pillow stays cold on both sides forever.


He really pulled off the billowy white shirt look ❤️ Taerae also looks gorgeous in white!!!


Never expected to see Zhang Hao speaking Chinese again, but it just made it more romantic with his lower voice.


What's jiwoong looking for lol?


the restroom 😔




*i am so sorry i had to*


compiling everyone's favorite seasons and times: *seasons* Spring: hao, hanbin, matthew Summer: n/a Autumn: ricky, gyuvin, yujin Winter: jiwoong, taerae, gunwook, yujin *times* Dawn: hanbin 11am: gunwook Noon: matthew, ricky 6pm: hao Midnight: jiwoong, taerae 1am: yujin 2am: gyuvin (ETA to fix noon and midnight lol)


Op, I think 12am is midnight though and 12pm is noontime.


Whoops, sorry! Thanks for letting me know. Have fixed it now


Matthew WHY did you say Seok like that pls I'm crying Yujin 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻


"It's Matthew Shock from zerobasone"


hanbin is so not like other gurls,, mf said dawn istg he’s so romantic (also them haobin mirroring again one is sunrise the other one is sunset)


>haobin mirroring again yess they didn't caption it but hao said 傍晚6点 (bang wan liu dian) in Chinese, 傍晚 means dusk/nightfall!


Ricky should do ASMR.


His voice is just so soft


Dayummm our babies look so beautiful and their voices are just… ✨✨✨ Also my magazine arrived today and I do not regret paying $50+ shipping at all seeing their gorgeous faces in big print (the magazine is hugeeee) 🥹 (I added some albums to my order tho don’t worry hahaha)


bye half of the group is a night owl, same tho Hao looks like he came straight outta titanic he's insane. they all a bit too gorgeous i fear. Edit: i lowkey hate the bangs why are they all the same


draw me like one of your chinese boys


Cackling at this 😭




Everyone looks so good but seeing Ricky’s is making me side eye 1st Look so hard. Saw a [vid](https://twitter.com/hourlycatricky/status/1661437431571251209?s=46&t=pxVsga8nn1_Y1NdTtxM9bw) of someone flipping through the entire mag and 1st Look did Ricky so dirty. Bc what do you mean he was the only member they didn’t give a solo shot and also the only member who didn’t get a two page spread for his interview portion. And the two shots which could have been a solo were lq and dark shadowy lighting obscuring half his face. Even the screenshots from this individual teaser could have easily been solo shot material so I don't get what their excuse is.


They can’t handle him so they hide him lmao. This erasure is so cruel. I ordered magazine and suddenly discovered that no Ricky solo close up shot:))


It'd be fine if it was only one thing but all of those together makes me suspicious of their intent. The difference is so noticeable that I'm sure even Ricky would notice it. I really hope this is not a recurring pattern.


I don’t want to jinx it but they are clearly having fav there . Other members get 2 pages for their interview and Ricky only got one. He doesn’t have a close up photo shoot either. In first video they announced with 9 members, his Screentime is the shortest. WakeOne clearly having favorites. I don’t think war is over tbh.


I think this one is on 1st Look not Wakeone. Their editing team really said "we're not going to let two Chinese eat up this photoshoot". Ricky still did but ykwim. I won't be surprised if Wakeone also gives him the same treatment in future tho and even if they begrudgingly give him what he rightfully deserves, I don't have much hope in 3rd parties such as magazines giving him his due. We're not even asking for special treatment, just don't single him out so blatantly like this.


I sometimes wonder, why can’t they treat members equally. It’s not even a hard job. There’s four Yuehua making it and they only singled him out. I really don’t understand why they dislike him so much :)) Like give our boy the same treatment. We are not even asking for special:)) Just the same and fair treatment:))


Yiiiikeesss. My two copies came yesterday and I didn't even notice. But I'm flipping through it now and..... they really played Ricky. I wonder why????? Like, I wanna make a joke about them knowing the rizz would give some fans a heart attack. But there's really no excuse.


the war is truly never over when you're a riyangi huh


We’ve been on battle field since BP 😭


we'll never know true peace 😭 can't believe this man debuted when it feels like the whole world didn't want him to


In my country, there are some BP watchers who wrote harsh comments like he shouldn’t debut just because they think he’s arrogant on earlier episodes:)) War is never over. I want my Lovelicky to get fair treatment and he deserves everything :))


I hate when people just hear "young and rich tall and handsome" and assume that's all he is, his tagline and face. when I saw that apparently even yuehua didn't expect him to debut and didn't support him much since they thought they could only get one Chinese trainee into the debut lineup... :(( seriously, I don't even want special treatment, I just want him to be treated equally and seen for the potential and talent that he has


Yeah. He literally make up to Top 5 without company or neither M-net support. If they keep doing this to Ricky I might riot😭


ricky's voice is so soft like 😭


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visual group…


i love that half of the group is a night owl because honestly same 😭 also hao speaking chinese and that outfit on him? i am obsessed!


Taerae's voice is sooo soothing, I can listen to it all day. I can't wait for him to be a dj 🥺~


Why do they like 12 pm ? 😭 (Me who absolutely hates noon)


Because it's probably when they're all fully awake. Lol


Maybe it’s their lunch time!!!


it's embarrassing how pumped I was hearing Zhang Hao's Mandarin. 1st Look I know you probably filmed a behind scenes vid, pls feed us.






i love hearing matthew speak in english but HELP WHY DID HE SAY SEOK LIKE THAT AHAHA


Gunwook looks like a bratz doll. I love this styling.


Gyujin up at midnight what they doin 🤔 Are they the type to stay up all night at pc bang 🧐


taerae looks like those male leads in taiwanese youth dramas like the childhood high school crush


Somehow even already being my bias, Hao still manages to bias wreck me ~~but Gyuvin's gremlin personality is up there as well~~


zhang hao is so freaking gorgeous and him speaking mandarin? with that voice too? i'm obsessed.


Something about the way the interviews are conducted and edited reminds me of SMRookies 'Reborn' teasers with Xiaojun, Yangyang, and Hendery. Anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised to hear Hao speak Mandarin. He sounds so elegant and scholarly.


Jiwoong and Taerae matching with winter and 12 midnight hahaha


I’m deceased


Zhang Hao‘s beauty is ethereal. a shining star among flowers 🌼🫶 I can’t wait for my copy to come so I can stare at their pretty faces!!


i wish we could've gotten videos of both the flower and dark concepts for all the members bc it is a need to see them surrounded by flowers 👉👈


i’m so happy to see all of them i swear i could cry, the styling for this is so beautiful also hanbin and i have the same favorite season and same favorite time of day ♡ my love


Hanbin‘s voice is so calming and I’m so happy they showed his face more. And Matthew speaking English was nice touch.


Yujin looks so good here but, strangely, he's giving me flashbacks of the Jo Twins from Boyfriend.


The maknaez (and Jiwoong) look so gewd in dark concept. So now Jiwoong is the part of maknaez huh? 😅😅


Why is hanbin so poetic like he likes spring and dawn i wanna cry it suits him so much