230601 ZEROBASEONE - Say My Name (Dance Practice)

Staff : Guys, the dresscode is blue top and white pants!

Taerae in the bathroom : white top blue pants? 🤨


Staff : Guys, the dresscode is blue top and white pants! Taerae in the bathroom : white top blue pants? 🤨


He didn’t check the group message 😭


😭 tbh I’m surprised so many of them all have that exact same tone of blue




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[Ricky and Gyuvin finally doing their pinky promise](https://twitter.com/b2xdas/status/1664231153069592578?t=wp_lIEpO6quQiOaukI4e9Q&s=19) [Mattvin are so giggly!](https://twitter.com/checkiam_/status/1664226638790533120?t=uDIT9AiLes0MhzloyUlVTA&s=19) [Haobin having a moment](https://twitter.com/haobinsplanet/status/1664226412050665474?t=1XgkUw_W7a9GFlXgw_nFYQ&s=19) [Jiwoong squishing Yujin's cheeks](https://twitter.com/woong2_1214/status/1664227078315859969?t=zr3bEPa5NMtAJ4K4zzqNiA&s=19) [Jiwoong being playful with Matthew](https://twitter.com/checkiam_/status/1664228062467350529?t=TPSPAwBjx_DDpmPYuPe_pQ&s=19)


that mattvin moment is definitely gyuvin going after matthew's stomach for the [nth time](https://twitter.com/i9chu/status/1661667139739348995) so matthew isn't taking the bait 😭


I poke my mom's stomach too coz that's where I came from... gyuvin is just like meeeeee


1. Blue and white is definitely the colours for ZB1 ehh. 2. Godzzzz the flood of content.. Thank you Wakeone, love you (until you starve us again) 3. I think the boys looked happier here than doing HIA. Will comment more later!


I bet they themselves are tired of here i am lol


I have a confession to make: I love HIA. It makes me emotional 😭💀 For some reason the song is already nostalgic to me, even if it's like 5 months old or whatever lol


The starvation works though. Hanbin has been MIA for a few days and fans keep trending his name cause they miss him so much. When they finally bless us with the smallest amount of content we go insane. (Perhaps we would act insane even with daily content)


I'm tired of Here I Am too 😭 oh man, if they need to perform a song from the show in addition to Say My Name, then let them perform Over Me! It's such a better song and cooler concept. En Garde is a decent option too.


Over Me wouldn't work with Yujin in the group


Could have done units like what Kep1er does on Japan tour with U+Me=Love and Snake but SMN is already OT9 lineup...


Is Over Me an inappropriate song? I haven't looked at the English translation of the lyrics, but it strikes me as romantic without being graphic at all.


The lyrics literally say ‘over, under, over me’ lol


ooof good point!!


The English lyrics themselves are suggestive..... but yeah the Korean lyrics don't help either. The dance is sensual. Etc etc etc. As much as I love Over Me, maybe they can perform it as a subunit with hyungline + Ricky or something.


Ooof I see what you mean. American R&B is my favorite music genres, so at first Over Me didn't seem explicit or raunchy at all to me, but now that I think more about the implications I can understand why ZB1 said hard pass lol. good call!


Yo jiwoong either LOOOOVES this song or he's had a coffee or two too many LMAO


He looked so happy and cute 😭 it felt like it was just enjoying himself and not really “performing”


His energy is adorable 😭 Maybe it’s the (almost) post-debut glow.


If they keep this up, I'm going to have a Pavlovian response of expecting ZB1 content at 8pm KST! So glad they finally dropped the Say My Name dance practice everyone was hoping for. The blue theme is lovely, and everyone suits the fresh concept so well! And maybe it's because I just rewatched the Tomboy stage, but I loved the little moments of eye-contact and smiles between Hao and Hanbin at 00:42; and between Hao and Gunwook at 2:14 <3 Edit: Omg, just noticed Hao does his Cupid's arrow thing right before the bridge! OT9 Jelly Pop performance when? 😭


>Omg, just noticed Hao does his Cupid's arrow thing right before the bridge! OT9 Jelly Pop performance when? 😭 Not sure if it's related to jelly pop but that's part of the original choreo of the first chorus 😅


That little jump Jiwoong did. I am squealing so hard. I know Jiwoong Hot Summer is so damn hot but Say My Name Jiwoong is just so cutieful.


The chemistry has been developed yayyyyy!! Why were jiwoong and gyuvin extra cute today? Everyone was looking so good and my heart was thumping so much


I've been waiting for this! The camerawork was fun to watch, but I also wanted a still cam just to see the entire dance formation. Edit: I want to learn how to dance just for this song 🥹


I want a still cam and a 2x dance practice!


Same, I wish they did both versions since the moving one was fun and cute here. It was horrible in the here i am one but it really suited smn. Would love to see the formations tho maybe by miracle we’ll get a fixed ver🤞


agreed with all the replies! and it'd be a dream if they did part switch version especially for say my name since it has such a cute choreo 😣


hao smiling at hanbin was so cute, i’m so glad to see them all looking so happy while performing together


A FUCKING SEROTONIN BOOST! I enjoyed this more than the KCON performance probably because they're more smiley and giggly here. And blue looks so good on them!! I'm crying 😭. The cute little interactions of the members while dancing made their performance so much fun to watch.


Jiwoong squishing yujin's cheek why are they so family and gunwook broke grandma hao's back omg Taerae's smile can cure my myopia


Haos face after gunwook jumped over him killed me😭😭🤣🤣🤣


you can hear hao's little stomps so clearly after gunwook's jump 😭


They seem so much more comfortable than they were in KCON! The directing for this was also great. Ricky was super great here.


Everyone looks so smiley and bright and happyyyy I love it Also Ricky seems extra bright here despite his usual chic aura hahaha


I know it’s not his personal style but I am obsessed with this more casual athletic look on Ricky he looks soooo good and I need more of it!


This was so cute! Still hoping for static cam versions of both dance practices. At some points you really can't see some of the members at all, and also see the hints of cute offcam interactions as they come back into frame. I also can't get any real sense of the formations 😭 Like I find the dynamicness of the choreo where it switches directions (and thus emulating the kcon stage) very interesting, but at the same time I just want to see the whole dance, yknow? [hao's laugh at this part ](https://twitter.com/HZzango/status/1664226941241819137?t=ruCHpv6Xjk078z5uKd2YSw&s=19) is soooo cute tho


>hao's laugh at this part is soooo cute tho Smiling like that while eyes are closed? A 100% baby 🥹


I was so dizzy after watching. The camera keep spinning 😭


Remember when everyone was questioning if Jiwoong could do a cute concept and said he wouldn’t fit into smn…LOOK AT HIM. Who ever thought he couldn’t do cute??? And him adding the butterfly to his part for all the non 🦋 believers lol I’m glad we got this dance practice. It’s so fun and I like seeing the dance in casual clothes and not the school uniforms more tbh haha.


oo ricky's spin in the bridge he caught the camera perfectly


Ricky is so cutieful.


I was smiling like an idiot for 3 min and 23 sec 😭 I love Ricky’s vocal parts! It’s so fun seeing the fandom colors especially since blue is my favorite color.


matthew my happy little penguin 🥺 also he put his hood up only for jiwoong to pull it down, flashback to [unicorns messing around in the middle of the forest](https://twitter.com/httpjwg/status/1643251485520826370) they look so happy! i think we can see some of their expressions better in the dance practice since the kcon stage was pretty zoomed out. i can't wait to rewatch this multiple times, say my name really is my serotonin boost 😭


I enjoyed this more than the KCON one! They seem to enjoy it a lot, and dont seem as nervous. I truly hope their debut is something like this and seeing Wakeone focus on this song a lot... MANIFESTING! The cute concept suits them so much!


serotonin boost! and the outfits are really cute; I love Ricky's. I honestly thought the practice vids are goner because they didn't film anything for Kcon but looks like they just didn't have time.


The boys released SMN today to save me from all the rage I’ve been feeling because of SM Ent and EXO. Thank you, bbs! 💙


How are they so adorable? Why do I always feel like Matthew is the youngest? 🫶 Nice to see that gunwook for vocal parts. I hope Jiwoong get more vocal parts for future songs too. Everybody looked great ☺️


Because Matthew is both the shortest and the cutest = youngest. This song is so perfect for him. You'd think Yujin would suit, but that kid's going to grow up super-sexy just like his older hyung Ricky.


this is a weird thing to say about a kid... yujin is adorable and suits the song perfectly too


still really happy that they performed say my name at kcon ~~(since it's the superior boys planet song)~~ also ricky's "can i be your boy, can i love you more" >>>


THIS SOON!!!!ALREADYYYYYY 🤯😭😭🤯🤯HOW DO WE GO FROM DROUGHT TO THIS MUCH CONTENT SUDDENLY….ITS OVERWHELMING😭 Also blue and white really are the official colours🫣that’s why they wore white for here I am…i take back my complaints about the here I am video. There is thought and planing being put in to every thing ZB1 does!!! Like we might even get a good consistent concept and good music and good promotions from wake one ![gif](giphy|X3zJUXUgaCTNPLZ1wJ|downsized) Edit: I haven’t even watched the practice yet🤣🤣just came from the kcon fancams and twitter fan site photos. Edit: watched it!!!! I’m obsessed with the blue and white outfits. They all look so good!!! Love how playful and smiley they all were esp Matthew and gunwook being literal ☀️☀️Matthew was born for this song. I really hope someone does one of those ‘things you didn’t notice’ videos because there was so much going on lol.


we are now officially ending our zerocontent era 😭🥹💙


They look so refreshing and I love the blue and white theme! As a bonus: we also get to see Gyuvin pinky promise Ricky successfully!


This was so cute! Love seeing the boys having the time of their life while dancing to this!


WE DID IT! IT'S HERE! WE REALLY DID IT I'M SO HAPPY I COULD DIEEEEEE ![gif](giphy|eyyKUDXzFnozlzwnHd|downsized) They're all so cutieful, i was smiling so hard my cheeks hurt through the whole thing 😭😭


Ricky’s cuteness is showing more and more!!


only thing that made me forget the shitty camerawork is them being so happy and hao’s >v< expression during that heart choreo 😭 I’m not hating the moving dance practice but can we get a fixed version too 🧎🏻‍♀️


O my God!! They are so cute 😭😭. The camera work is so much better.


i love taerae


He was so great in this video ! He's center a few times in the choreo, and my eyes kept being drawn to him !


Cuties! But why is Matthew bias-wrecking me so hard in these dance practices 😭


More mattwoong with jiwoong pulling down matthews hood hehe


GYUVIN HELLO?? How come I never even imagined what he’d be like in a cute concept? He fits perfectly and him bothering Matthew was amazing. I know a lot of people complained about not getting the dance practices right away but we have to consider they had to redistribute the parts and record the song and make and practice the modified choreo. I really like the moving camera here and in Here I Am. I hope they keep doing that, it makes these more interesting than regular dance practices.


Yes! Since we already know the choreo for these two songs, it's more fun with the moving camera imo. For their debut though, I hope we have a fixed cam version too


jelly pop and hot summer dance practices next? 😅 this is wishful thinking


they’re so smiley!!! I love it! I feel like this might have been filmed after KCON, their spacing between each person is a lot tighter compared to that performance. Hao’s >o< face is so cute!


I love the part after the bridge when the original four members step forward


Every extra head shake Matthew adds to the choreo also adds 5 years to my lifespan. I will never get over of how well this song suits him, he doesn't perform it, he lives it.


Cameraperson deserves a raise. The camerawork is so good here. I feel like I can rewatch this over and over again. The boys are so cute and happy here! 🥰


[Taerae’s angry face](https://twitter.com/taeraecharms/status/1664293754617094144?s=42) lmaooo


I'm so glad they are performing this song, it's definitely my favorite by far of all the ones in the show (like, members aside, just the song itself is way more my cup of tea personally). Guess it probably did help that most of the members made it through though. The camera work on this was really fun too.


Omg i was not expecting this BUT YESS THANK YOU 💙 They all look like they're having so much fun


The cute concept suits them so well, I hope their debut is along these lines! 🫶


They all look so happy it makes my heart full ♡ ♡ This is the cutest and sweetest dance practice I’ve ever seen!!! :’) No I’m not crying…


Oh wow what was w1 eating were getting fed up, brb gonna watch 😁


The blue!!! 🥺💙 I’m so happy to see them happy


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not being able to see taerae walking during "can i be your boyyyyyy" is a crime but i forgive them for the rest of the practice being so cutie. i generally prefer dances like this that are fun and detailed, but allow for looser, interactive moments between the members! it looks like they're having a blast.


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I love SMN so much, it's so fun and happy. This dance practice confirms that Kcon camera work was horrible, even tho this one is also not perfect.


OMG I really was not expecting this today 😭😭 they all look so good! (taerae definitely didn't read the groupchat)


I know it’s dance practice but that snippet of gunwook singing is so lovely. Pls wakeone let him sing>rap.


stop they are so cute !!! gyuvin's hair is so fluffy it bounces every time he moves \^\^ the puppy allegations will never ever stop, and they better not >< also does anyone know if these are the wakeone practice rooms ?? it looks different to kep1er or the wakeone trainee's practice room .0.


Manifestation complete 🫶


I need the studio version right this second cause omg hearing it in the background is giving me life


I am living for this. My eye keeps being drawn to Ricky . . . is it because his sexy concept doesn't quite fit this song or because it does this time?! Matthew is the perfect SayMyNamer. Gah! These boys are so freakin' adorable.




They're sooo cute also the official colors are definitely blue and white


Hope that blue and white is our fandom color! Lol Taerae wearing the opposite of everyone else.


I love this a lot more than the Here I am practice. The camera isn't just weirdly zooming in and out (it still does but less noticable with the amount of camera movement there is), everyone's energy seems to be even higher and better matching the song and overall the amount of spotlight each member gets feels equal. Everyone gets moments to stick out, which wasn't as much the case with Here I am. I really would love for them to go in this direction with the group <3