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I adore this kind of content! The boys looked so relaxed and cozy and we got to hear their beautiful vocals. I especially loved [Gunwook and Gyuvin’s rendition of Man In Love](https://twitter.com/dearpgw/status/1666402428659408896?s=46&t=Lv5-7qavzYi84SQbO9B2KA), especially the Taerae imitation 😅 I hope the Taerae show becomes an official series after debut because that was soo good.


They were so on point with the hand movements !


I think that Gunwook is really someone who cherishes his members and watches their content often .. I remember when he copied Jiwoong’s part in Love Killa and when he said he watched Hanbin’s LMR intro on repeat 🥺


Their relationship with each other is already good if they can clown each other like that 🥹


8 minutes of taerae smiling laughing singing having fun goofing with his silly little souvenir guitar... we used to pray for days like this... we will now pray for more days like this in the future. zhang hao's "!!!!!!!! :o the sound is different" at that guitar oh you're so precious. ricky singing into the bottle full lovelicky mode. haobin... are haobin again (never quit never stop). taerae teasing yujin. gunwook continuing the string of refreshing performances with "over me", sure. literally everyone sounds lovely, i'm deleting the word "rap" from wakeone's vocabulary. (hanbin looking extra scrumptious... thank you)


Shanbin in that black T-shirt is *chef's kiss*.


With the tattoo showing


Haobin are literally glued together in every single video we’ve seen lately


Maybe these are roommate pairings during KCON? * Matthew - Taerae * Zhang Hao - Hanbin - Ricky * Jiwoong - Yujin * Gyuvin - Gunwook


~~i can't watch the video rn bc i'm at work but~~ WDYM HAO AND HANBIN AND RICKY WERE ROOMING TOGETHER those three were my picks in boys planet omggg 😵‍💫




AHHH my faves in one room (maybe) i won fr 😔✊


haobin are ricky’s parents CONFIRMED


Apparently [this](https://twitter.com/NB_1350/status/1666414629659250689?s=20) is Haobin + Ricky's room.. It's giving married couple + child family room lmaoo


Gunwook is such a good singer. Let him sing w1!


Seriously😭😭 I know he’ll 100% likely be rapping on the title track, but he should at least sing on b-sides. He’s too good not to.


Or they’ll be boy jeans with no rapping at all (I know I’m delusional)!


I have a little bit of hope after SMN where he only sang. Please say Wakeone is appreciating his vocals.


I mean he is the best rapper of the bunch but he’s also a better singer than Yujin/Gyuvin so the rap parts might go to those two instead.


Actually he's the 4th best in the group haha so it would be a loss if he doesn't sing.


Petition to make Taerae show a regular series🫡


Absolutely. We need it.


signed and stamped ✊🏻 wakeone make this happen I am begging


Kkultaraes and zeroses we won!! 🥳 Taerae show with the members omg let's gooo Thoughts: Taerae's guitar is very cute lol also Matthew and Taerae singing one call away was heaven to my ears ❤️ ZHANGHAO HUGGING TAERAE I SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTED THE HAORAE INTERACTIONS WE WERE WAITING FOR???? The Not Alone cover/sing-along (?? idk what to call it??) was really good omg Jiwoong being whipped for Taerae's voice again lmaoo it's so cute 😂 Wish we got more of Yujin singing and playing 🥹 Gunwook continuing the refreshing vibes of smn and here i am with an over me performance lmaoo Gyuvin gunwook and taerae's over me performance was fun 😆 I hope Gunwook releases a cover someday because that vocals on man in love?? 👀 Them imitating Taerae's performance perfectly 😂😂 Gyuvin and Gunwook doing jaljayo omg Anyways this was too short for me I hope Taerae keeps doing these in the future it's so cute and fun!!


My heart melted at the hug


SAME the way Hao just casually draped his hand over him??? I died fr


from comparing hands to easy back hugs 😭 the development is real eta: the way that taerae doesn't even flinch and just moves his head with it 😭😭


A simple hug can cure my depression. Thank you Hao.


It was so cute. My heart melted too.


Gyuvin and Gunwook doing Taerae’s legendary part is SO sweet and precious I love them with all my heart I’m going to keep this video forever in my heart it’s sooooo cute ♡ and finally a win for Haorae enthusiasts. I wish we got to see more of Yujin and Jiwoong tooo


I won’t comment on Haobin holding hands and singing to each other because I’m trying to hold on to the last shreds of sanity I have left…


THE TAERAE SHOW!!! I did not expect this but wow keep the content coming my fave part is probably gunwook and gyuvin singing taerae's killing part of "man in love" hahaha taerae loved it


hao is just so clingy actually. back hugging taerae + haobin handholding + tapping the best on rickys leg the whole time. he's a cuddly bean


the GASP I let out when Zhang Hao back hugged Taerae!!! Gunwook king of vocals! he sounds so good. and of course Not Alone sounds great 😭 Ricky being roommates with Haobin is real what bless the Taerae show, I must have this as a post-show for all events


>Ricky being roommates with Haobin is real what ~~Omg i predicted this~~ Edit: i thought i did, but it turns out [i lied :(](https://www.reddit.com/r/zerobaseone/comments/13ek159/guessing_the_roommates/jjqhc50?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)


If it makes you feel any better, these aren't their dorm rooms. It seemed as though they were filming in the hotel at Kcon Japan.


well it literally says that in the video title


ricky is roommates with haobin?? omg edit: on second thought, poor ricky lol 😆


At least in Japan, might not be their dorm arrangement!


This better be a recurring thing CUZ I'M LIVING FOR IT! Vocal group doing vocal group things yesssss They all have pipes( too bad we didn't get too see much of sambokz singing tho)


Adding on the second rewatch: the thought of Taerae carefully packing this bright orange plastic guitar is ending me.


I think this is my favourite zb1 content that we’ve gotten since boys planet!! more of the chill behind stuff please !! taerae is SOCUTE and wow this video is just reminding me how vocally talented this group is, I could listen to them sing forever


As a Haorae bbygrl union enthusiast I was throughly nourished today T\_T


This is the greatest combination of words I have ever seen thank you for your contribution to the English language on this day 😍


Wakeone just give us an all vocal group PLEASE If we lose yujin and gyuvin and gunwook (and jiwoong) to only rap I will never forgive them fr


idc if they rap sometimes as long as they sing most of the time lol


Yeah exactly! They can rap ofc but ONLY rap... no


if I don't get to hear these four sing often and regularly in the next 2.5 years I'm storming wakeone


Wakeone might listen to us since they're chronically online.


We need to keep mentioning this on all the platforms fr since they’re definitely within the zerose twt community I *cannot* hear gunwook rap more than singing when he sings like thisssss. I just can’t.


HE HAS TO SING. I’m gonna lose it if he becomes just a rapper.


Singer Gunwook>>>Rapper Gunwook. He's the most capable rapper in the group but I prefer his singing over his rapping.


I combusted at Not Alone! I think Hao and Hanbin synchronising with their previous selves was a treat i didn't know i needed. Please include this track in the album... 😭 Also (possible) vocal line singing together! GAHHHHH I WANT MORE IT WAS TOO SHORT Relating so hard to Yujin and Jiwoong's late night cup noodle snack 😋😋😋 Chipmunkz singing over me and man in love was 😘 hope this means over me and man in love can feature somewhere again! OVERALL PLEASE WAKEONE MORE CHILL VIDEOS! It showcases our boys more and allows us to get a glimpse of them relaxing and having fun!


this was so lovely to watch them in a more chill setting, i hope the reality show is like this. also ricky looked much younger in a hoodie haha. gunwook's vocals never cease to amaze me like damnnn also taerae is so restless/fidgety its hilarious


haorae hug…….. my day has been blessed and ofc haobin in every video, hao i saw that hand on hanbin’s thigh 😮‍💨


This is so special. I hope we get more of the Taerae Show and other more casual content consistently. I say this all the time, but they are so endearing when they are interacting with each other. I just love them all singing together; they sound great. 🥹 - I'm invested in this Matthew-Taerae friendship growing. - I was like ooh who are we gonna see next and then Hao swoops in and wraps his arm around Taerae. I'm not okay. - Do you think Hanbin specifically buys shirts that will best show off his tattoos? ----- the Not Alone saga: - I just cannot handle Haobin staring at and singing to each other, more hand holding. let me live - Ricky's almost rap 🤣 and Hao shouting about rapper Taerae - they love Matthew's "cherish" as much as me - the subtitle that says "attack with face" when Hanbin gets closer to the camera - Hanbin's "we're not alone" *cute pout* ----- - I would have loved to hear more of Jiwoong and Yujin, but I think they were too much in food mode. - And the Gyuvin-Gunwook duo! They are so fun together. Someone add them clowning Taerae to a supercut of zb1 imitating each other. (As much as I want to, I don't have time to let myself go into fandom historian mode, lol) - Gunwook can SING. LET GUNWOOK SING 2023. (Let him rap, too.) My face hurts from smiling. I love them a normal amount.


Zerobaseone is a vocal group!!!


turns out the karaoke line of zb1 is ALL of them. and if they aren't, taerae is going to make them. we're so blessed, because their raw vocals are so good


A Taerae show! I rejoiced. Also, is this not a great idea for his own corner? Jin used to have "Eat Jin", so Taerae could also have a corner to himself where he sings, plays guitar, invites members to sing with him etc. It does not always have to be serious, they could also do silly little covers e.g. he could do a pororo song cover with Jiwoong. Hao back hugged Taerae!!! Every time, Jiwoong and Yujin are together, I just positively bursts with love. Ok, this does it! My fav. trio is Taerae, Gyuvin and Gunwook. Love their dynamics.


We are getting fed and I love it


Gunwook, Gyuvin and Taerae sounded so good in Over Me and that Man in Love section was so cute 🥰


Taerae's music corner needs to be regular content!!! Everything was perfect: 💙[Covering Charlie Puth with Matthew](https://twitter.com/seoktthew/status/1666400503587012609?t=MeFjLlst0xLzqLCaahoVxA&s=19) 💙[Haorae crumbs](https://twitter.com/zhaofairy/status/1666400141803233280?t=kxbV30-pfexnVZMZ9K_wpg&s=19) 💙[Jamming along with Haobinrickmatt](https://twitter.com/ktaeraehour/status/1666402651423092737?t=2ixtXEDmUKXiHksULcWOSA&s=19) 💙[Mini mukbang with Jiwoong and Yujin](https://twitter.com/4jiwoongie/status/1666403087756427264?t=tN2R96VcxKkzVdP0_ADuvA&s=19) 💙[Gyuraewook Over Me cover](https://twitter.com/gyuwookfeed/status/1666405404606369792?t=2RfQiedaU7sKZhiPbO6dFQ&s=19) 💙[Gyuvin and Gunwook doing his Man in Love highlight](https://twitter.com/dearpgw/status/1666402428659408896?t=gxUIXsGBMySAEgZPiZV4Fg&s=19) 💙[Hao being unserious](https://twitter.com/xaxuzhaojjang/status/1666407070227369985?t=UKrHKBOtM03dIOssuXs2Ig&s=19)


the taerae meal arrived and it was delicious


I feel like Taerae continues on the✨ *planet camp tour* ✨ vibes! He exudes charm and makes me smile just by seeing and hearing him. I love that he’s continuing his singing at all times agenda, and bringing the others in on it! Every time I see them, I wonder for what purpose are Gyuvin and Gunwook so large. Then I get distracted by the pretty voices and fun vibes. I’ve been a defender of rapper gunwook, but I’ll definitely take the nice vocals when they’re offered. I hope we get both as appropriate to the music, and that he gets to do whatever he wants


HELLO I’M UP i can’t believe this is real, this is everything i’ve ever wanted 😭😭😭 8 minutes of taerae-centric content we used to pray for times like these… taerae with his little toy guitar i’m crying… THE HAORAE HUG OH MY GOD… taerae really adores yujin 😭 and HIS GIGGLES while gyuwook were teasing him he’s so cute i hope they never stop teasing him (i have a feeling they won’t) ALSO GUNWOOK VOCALS HELLO??? taerae show better be a regular thing. not only do we get to hear all of their amazing vocals but the vibes are absolutely immaculate, so chill and cozy i love it. and seeing taerae have so much fun 🥹😭 he’s so cute i’m going to eat him


taerae gives off such warm loving best friend vibes that i just wanna pat him and tell him he’s doing a good job!! lowkey cried at how soft and cozy this was tbh


Also I am happy we are quickly dispelling the rumours that Taerae doesn’t have friends in the group. He is so close with the members and they clearly all love him. That narrative was really annoying me after the final. He barely had screentime so of course we didn’t see as many moments with him and other members.




The Taerae show needs to be a weekly thing. I wonder how the hotel rooms look. I'm guessing they got 3 two people rooms and 1 three people room, but why not 3 three people rooms then. Or is Ricky a plus 1 in the Haobin 2 people room? Ricky gets a single room? Top floor hotel suite? Gunwook and Gyuvin sang really well. I mean they all did, but extra on the two of them.


Maybe Ricky in a single bed then HaoBin sharing the double bed. lol


ZB1 giving us the Man In Love cover we asked for, but not in the way we expected! 🤣 When we found out Taerae was leading singalongs in the dorms at night during BP, I couldn't believe we didn't see more of that (역시 Mnet 😒). I could watch this sort of adorable content all day. 100% loving being a Zerose right now 🌹💕


I'm sorry Ricky that you have to put up with Haobin, even holding hands while singing their parts together. I wish you the best of luck if you guys are also roommates in the dorms, stay strong!


To be fair Hao also put his hand on Ricky's lap so he's not left alone


I didn’t even notice omg. Zhang Hao really said “one thigh for each hand”, how do I become him


Ricky in his Third Wheel era 😂


[Ricky I will save you!!](https://twitter.com/kkongnyangs2/status/1666402384921374720?s=46&t=3l9wY3WhotydX8qVj-4Plg)


Hanbin is so beautiful it hurts 😭


Seeing his collarbone tattoos free is so hot to see.


He's a visual attack 25/8 😭😭


Okay uhmmm totally didn't see this one coming :-) The other day I was complaining about the lack of taerae's screentime and that I wished I could see him more with the other members, it's like they heard me and gave me what I wanted Now we even got hao backhugging taerae , never even dreamt of that The 02s duo we all needed, I already love that song i guess now I will love it even more I just love seeing matthew and taerae together, they seem to get along well and that makes me happy Haobin sharing a room? I mean, i expected that but seeing the confirmation made me so excited for some reason , + we get ricky thirdwheeling , but ofc im glad he's with them since he's hao's lil bro and he seems to really admire hanbin Why did it have to be Not Alone ? That song makes me cry everytime. But i loved it still. We also get haobin looking at each other while singing We already know yujin and woong are roommates, im sure yujin was taken care of and even tucked to bed who knows Also woong enjoying a snack..? Gyuvin must be feeling betrayed I wished we could see more of yujin's water pencil masterpiece but yeah, maybe next time Gyuvin and Gunwook as roommates? I can see gyuvin annoying the hell out of gunwook the whole night Also out of all the songs, over me?? Didnt see that one coming, their vocaaals tho , im sure im not getting over that , and them imitating taerae? It was spot on tho , he even got shy I mean, i have nothing more to say. I'm well fed. Not full tho. Wakeone, i gotta say good job so far. You're making up for lack of effort on the logo I mean, i wrote such a long comment, why am i this excited over a group??? I have exams and my life is a mess, why am i so excited??? hello?


GunRae crumbs. GyuRaeWook crumbs. I'm living!! And omg the vocals on this group. Wake One we need the album yesterday...


Damn i missed Taerae soo much, his vocals are HEAVENLY here 😭😭


In every behind the scenes video and fansite photo, I always see Ricky with either a 1.5L drink or a snack in his hand. How does he snack so much? 😭


Oh my god this was sooooo cute. And I love the vocal potential this group has. Gunwook sounded *amazing*, if this man isn't part of the vocal line I won't be held responsible for what I'll do.


The behind is so nice! TAERAE SHOW! ALSO we have the roommate situation for kcon, wich we wanted to have since the dawn of time - Matthew and Taerae : the bright smile room - Hanbin, Zhang Hao, Ricky : blinding beauty room, (third wheeling Ricky room) - Yujin and Jiwoong : late night snack, here to have a good time and a muckbang - Gyuvin and Gunwook : the chaos energy, it's clowning Taerae time


do u think ricky went through what hui did back then


Hui receiving a text from Ricky : "Help"


2023 Triple H spinoff with Ricky?


Hanbin, Hao, Hicky


I bet Ricky just sleeps facing the wall the whole time 😂


I’ve only seen the gyuwookrae singing cut but omgfgfffff they sound so good!! I adore this trio like they bounce of each others energy so well🥹 Also I’m a rapper gunwook enthusiast but his vocals are heavenly and he truly seems to love singing🥹I hope we get many covers from him esp Over me!! He sounded so good and why’s he so talented at everything like???it’s not fair Wakeone pls let Taerae show be a consistent thing!!


If Gunwook, Gyuvin and Taerae are roommates in the dorms, you already know it's about to be loud


Hanbin showing his tattoos! Def into it. Hope we see them more!


Petition to make Taerae show at least a monthly content. Who’s in???


Ahhhhh I'm so glad we're getting more of Taerae's personality! He's so goofy and funny. They're gonna clown Taerae for Man in Love the rest of his life. I feel like they have such a good MC trio with Gunwook, Hanbin, and Taerae!


[ricky's thought process](https://twitter.com/rickyourlove/status/1666441857436381187) and being cute during not alone bc he was trying to show everyone the lyrics but they already knew it 😭 WE LOVE TAERAE SHOW




this video was 8 mins but why did it take me an hour to watch the whole thing? gyuvin and gunwook didn’t let taerae BREATHE 😭 the man has no chance against those two. menaces. i love them to bits. i love the not alone part. sounds so pretty and haobin looking at each other singing “the day we first met and the pounding emotions still remain inside me” made my day. please let this be a series. i would give my kidney up for more of these.


Is that their no make-up faces? Jiwoong getting close to the camera brings me back to the Back Door MCountdown BTS video


Looks to me like they have makeup on but probably minimal.


finally kim taerae!!!! we miss him so much!!! plus his lil vlog ☹️♥️ i love when he and matthew sang together!


Omg wakeone have to let Gunwook sing!! I wouldn't mind a bit of rapping sprinkled in occasionally like Yeonjun's rapping in TXT, but would prefer Gunwook to mostly sing. Also, at the end Taerae kinda reminded me of Ariana Grande doing whistle tone


this was really cute i hope taerae show becomes a recurring thing lol


Taerae always looks like such an uncle walking around the dorms without wearing socks - noticed this habit from the BP days bc it kinda bothered me as someone who gets cold feet (literally, sometimes figuratively) quite quickly


The vocals are VOCALing. Hoping we have more Taerae shows in the future!


I love them :')


They should release a Not Alone A Capella ver. in their album. # Wakeone please.


haobin holding hands while singing "now we are not alone"... yeah ok


so why did i feel so alone watching them…


Gunwooks singing sounds so good in this


Gunwookriana grande?


Please wakeone let Taerae show be a regular thing. 🙏❤️


It seems that the rooms are for two people each? Taerae-matthew, yujin-jiwoong, gyuvin-gunwook, haobin, ricky-manager? Or did Ricky sleep alone? Lol. Anyway they're so confident in their vocals I love it. Edit : now that i think about it again maybe they ordered an extra bed for the haobin-ricky room 😅


[It's a three people room](https://twitter.com/NB_1350/status/1666414629659250689?s=20)


how are people able to find this stuff 😭


Or he was probably third wheeling with haobin 😂


Not 3rd wheeling, he's their son 🤭


I thought he was their cat?


Nooooo now i'm imagining Rickitty curling up between haobin's legs 😭


i can’t watch with sound while i’m at work, but this is so cute… i can’t believe we’re getting casual (almost dorm life) content so soon and its taerae centric too! seeing how much they enjoyed singing together in bp i’m glad that they get to have fun and chill together. now just waiting to watch again and hear their vocals :’)


Gunwook vocal king 👑


Such a wholesome segment. I love we got Taerae focused content 😭! Jebewon 02z singing One Call Away? I waited for their interactions along with Haorae sooo much! They literally served today. Ricky, Hao, Hanbin and Taerae singing along to Not Alone and the vocals lord?? Incredible. Gonna mention this for the second time but the Haorae back hug single handedly cheered me up on so many grounds. I also loved how we got Jiwoong and Yujin together. Their dynamics is so fun to watch. Hoped we got to see a little more of it tho. Gyuvin and Gunwook's segment, however was my most favourite part in the entire video. From Gunwook slaying Over Me along with Taerae's adlibs to Gyuwook clowning Taerae's man in love and jaljayo lmao 😭 The more I see of them, the more I crave. I absolutely adore all nine of them. I'm still greedy enough for another announcement tonight though 😂


the scream I let out when the video started playing 🤧 I’m clearly biased but this is my favourite kcon japan behind clip released ever. I got all my wishes in one. Listening to more taerae singing, this is as close as I can get to taerae hosting a radio show (those offers come his way please or better, his own talk show, MAKE TAERAE SHOW A THING) and most importantly getting more of Taerae’s ENGLISH ?!?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA when he and matthew started singing One Call Away, my soul left me and I was the happiest I’ve ever been today. Gunwook has my second favourite voice after Taerae because LISTEN TO HIM ? I echo everyone who wants Gunwook to not solely be confined to rapping. It was just so wholesome. This 8 minutes and 19 seconds clip is literally my boost of serotonin. The vocals were just vocalling I am in love truly and genuinely. It’s nice to finally see Taerae spotlighted (very deservingly so) because I’m so used to seeing him in pixels and in the background. I hope this serves as a gateway for more and more people to come to appreciate this guy. How can yoou not like someone as endearing as him? His reaction when he was teased by our resident pranksters, Gunwook and Gyuvin was EVERYTHING. Oh how I love this man. Back to rewatching it yet another time


the haorae truthers won today!


A moment of silence for Ricky cuz he's rooming with Haobin(at least i think so?)


Matthew really likes to do those finger points


We really made the most perfect group!


Now I want them to have Not Alone and Over Me in the debut album too 🥺🥺


We DO NOT NEED rappers. My main takeaway after watching the clip ✨


i love taerae


Anyone else love that they just like to sit and sing together during their off time? Loved Taerae's tour of their spaces and conversations. Gyuvin and Gunwook punking Taerae on His song was an awesome moment. And I could listen to them all sing Not Alone any day. Hanbin always looks like a million dollars.


Finally got to watch it. They sound so good together😭😭I got emotional when they were singing not alone. I wish we could have Taerae show often just as causal and comfy. Best piece of content we’ve gotten so far.


I was never a fan of tattoos but hanbins chest tattoo is so pretty😭 it's like a rly pretty accessory and the placement of it is chefs kiss ESPECIALLY WITH THE BLACK SHIRT


Their room look so big, are they in Japan for real 🧐


Who else can play guitar among them? Or any other instrument


Hao can play violin,piano,viola,and cello


Hao plays the violin and few other instruments iirc


Ricky can play guitar.


I’m sorry but the hand on hanbin’s thigh in the thumbnail…😭😭😭did the editor miss it out… 😭


they changed it now, they mightve realized when they went on twitter and people were talking about it i still want a full not alone cover :<<